Messages RESONATE with AdQue's background audio.

AdQue doesn't just look good, it also sounds good. AdQue does audio like no one else in the industry.

AdQue automatically and perfectly blends your background audio with targeted messages.

Music Features

Amplify your message, shape your environment, and set the mood.

  •  Expansive. Thousands of audio titles in more than 50 genres.
  •  Prioritize. Background audio will automatically fade to play radio spots, audio files, and display messages such as Full Motion Videos, animations with audio, or television. Upon completion, background audio will resume.
  •  In Tune. Using the same powerful tools as AdQue's visual library, schedule your audio months in advance. Match foot traffic, complement demographics, and celebrate holidays.

On-Hold Features

More than just a display system AdQue helps you communicate with your on-hold audience.

  •  Talent. Male and female voices presenting your on-hold, product & service, and trailer messages.
  •  Flexibility. Break the mold of a continuous loop. AdQue's unique topic-based scheduling tranforms how you manage audio. Change messages immediately or schedule months in advance.
  •  Layer. Separate background and foreground audio streams means seamless integration of your message. Background audio is continuous and fades to a pre-defined volume when foreground audio is present.
  •  Coordinate. Select appropriate messages to play in the lobby, providing continuity and limitless possibilities.