Energize your audience with AdQue's INTERACTIVE solutions.

Give your guests self-directed access to information and services and use collected data to serve them better.

Create a personalized experience that promotes return visits and strengthens brand loyalty.

Interactive Features

  •  Feedback. With AdQue Interactive, gain the added benefits of being able to send and collect user data.
  •  Reach. Your brand doesn't end at the branch. User-directed interfaces allow printing, text messages, and emails to be reviewed where and when convenient.
  •  Concierge. Information and help at the user's fingertips. Incorporate check-in, way-finding, Internet Kiosk, training, and much more.
  •  Connect. More than a touch screen, AdQue can interface with QR code readers, barcodes, magnetic stripe readers, distance detectors, printers, two way video and more.
  •  Custom. AdQue interactive can be tailored to achieve your vision.